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AimieMarie RPER

Name: Aimie Marie David
Alias: Aimie or Marie
Age: 18
Age Appearance: 18

Mate: Aih Kura Music
Species/Race: Elementalist
Gender: Female

Family Name: David
Mother: Annemarie Li David
Inherited Traits: The sapping of her strength when using her powers is passed down from her mother and her electrical powers come from her

Father: Unknown

Inherited Traits: She got her gravitational powers from his side of the family, as well as her reflexes

Positive Traits: She tries to think first before she takes action. She is reluctant to use powers if she doesn’t have to in order to save her strength. She is loyal to the core. She tries hard and doesn’t give up. She never backs down from a fight.
Negative Traits: She never backs down from a fight. She is slighty quick tempered. She gets herself in bad situations when trying to protect those she loves.
Quirks/Habits/Mannerisms: She bites her lip when she is concentrating.

Motives: She wants to know who her father is. She also strives to be like her mother used to be.
Alignment: Now this is a very important choice. This will ultimately affect how and what your character will determine is a right or wrong way to do things. As well it can be the very basis of your personality. Usually people go with this system the classic D&D system of Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Good, True Neutral, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, or Chaotic Evil. 
Likes: Definitely like chocolate, having a good time and learning new fighting tricks
Dislikes: Spiders, Heights and death

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: Her eyes are a blue-grey with a gold ring radiating from her pupils. Their shape is upturned.
Hair: She has straight, blonde hair that reaches to her lower back. She has side bangs that are just long enough to tuck behind her hair.
Skin: She is a typical Caucasian color
Special Features: She has cutting scars on her wrists. She also has a small lightning bolt tattoo behind her ear. Her ears are double pierced and she has a cart ledge piercing.
Clothing: She is typically seen in camo cargo pants with a pair of combat boots and a tan tank top. Her hair tends to be pulled in a high ponytail that leaves her bangs free.

Weapons: She has a katana made of crystal that she uses.
Armor: None yet
Accessories: None yet

Powers: As she is an elementalist, she has the potential to have full control of both electricity and gravitational manipulation. Due to her repression of these powers though, she must learn how to use them to their full extent and thus only has basic control over both at this point.

Bio: Aimie’s father left before she was born, so she doesn’t know who he was. Her mother was a high guard for the queen an ancient kingdom. She gained her mix of element powers from her mother and father. When the kingdom was attacked when she was 6, her mother burned herself up while protecting the queen. This left Aimie on her own. She was reduced to nothing more than a beggar. She was barely able to survive. Her powers raged during puberty and after killing someone, she tried to repress them. She isolated herself and taught herself how to control them. When she came back to the kingdom, she was cornered. She refused to use her powers for evil and thus was beaten and raped by a group of young males. This attack left her emotionally broken and led to her self harm and attempted suicide. During one attempt, she tried to electrocute herself. Instead of dying, her body absorbed it and she grew stronger. This is how she discovered she was an elementalist. She soon decided that she wanted to learn who her father was and question him about her heritage. She has traveled around, trying to find him, but to no avail. While she was traveling, she learned of others like her. She learned of combating.

Note: Because she is an elementalist, anything of that element can be absorbed and used to strengthen herself as well as her abilities. 

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For as long as she could remember Kai could talk to the spirits of those who have died before her. it was a talent she had since she was very young. Kai would talk to the spirits who would give her advice about life. What she didn't know was these spirits were bad spirits, ones who wanted her and other's dead.

Soon people found out about her abilities and wanted her powers for her self so at the age of 10 she was kidnapped by an organization who told her that unless she killed the people they wanted by using her powers of darkness they would kill her family before her eyes. At this time she didn't know how to control her abilities and when she tried to explain they brought in her family slaughtering them slowly and one by one through her cries and tears until she sank into her chair her eyes flashing blond red as she let out a giggle using her powers of darkness to slaughter everyone in the room with her before running away.

When she turned 14 she was reunited with the only member of her family that survived the massacre, her twin brother Skye. She had to tell him what happened but what she didn't expect was him to go home and kill himself leaving her all alone again. At this point her mind was tumbling down to the point that she was unstable and even the memory of her family could set of her psychotic side causing her to destroy everyone/ thing around her.

Kai May 24
Joanna M. Barlow RPER

Johnny: *Sighs as he pulls out a smoke and places it on his lips before lighting up and smoking* A couple years ago… *Looking back at Carly* I was barely making it and i just left my parents as i reached my fill dealing with them. I had emancipated from them and was on the road riding my motorcycle. I didn’t know where i was gonna go. But i knew that i had to get away. Live a new life. Any life. But that night… On the day after the actual day that i’ve left my parents and Emancipated intentionally from them… I was strolling or cruising along Phoenix, Arizona. It was a rather hot day and in the desert… even though it’s night time. It doesn’t exactly get all that cool. But i was in Phoenix that night. Cruising around the city and only stopping at the corner of S. 40th street and E. University Dr. to recharge on Gas and grab something to eat. I at that time… had like only 100 Dollars on hand as it was all i had to spend. What i had to live on during that time. I used a piece of it on gas for the Motorcycle and something to hold me over till i found a decent pull-up spot to just crash for a little bit and catch some sleep. I had only just barely finished getting gas for my Motorcycle when suddenly this guy… I don’t even know who he was. but he was indeed persuasive. came over towards me and saw that i was… well alone and with nowhere to go. Of course… a 13 year old guy on the road doesn’t really speak innocent in first impressions. But i was. till that night. He asked me if i was goin’ somewhere and i shrugged. I didn’t know what to tell him. He asked where my parents were and i told him plainly that they left me and disowned me. But the truth was that… i left them. Emancipated from them and i even hinted or referred that to him. Not that it was for him to know as he didn’t know me and i didn’t even know him. I told him about how i left my family. Why i left. I didn’t have the need to lie. Because there was nothing to lie about. I told him about it and we just got to talking a bit. The guy however was a starving artist. But happened to have a decent living. He figured that i might have been a little hungry and in need of food. It was not as if it was something he had to do. But couldn’t bare to just depart without at least offering a chance to allow for me to grab something filling. This guy was apparently was Italian. Had a hankering for Pizza. That was when he just lead me to this pizza place that was just down the road from where i was at that moment. The Pizza there is just phenomenal. The Chicago deep dish that they have is just outstanding. I had 4 slices of it and wound up so stuffed that i swore that i’d pop.


Carly: You must have had a whole lot of fun.


Johnny: Well… I won’t lie. But it was definitely a peaceful and serene moment. However as they would always say… With the sweet soon came the not so sweet and delighted. I was soon about to depart from the place and i must have gotten as far as Albuquerque, New Mexico when i stopped somewhere to find a place to grab something to eat as yet again… it’s been like several hours since the last that i’ve eaten anything. Namely something like that Chicago deep dish pizza. It was another 7 hour ride. Which wasn’t so bad as there wasn’t any traffic much. Just some stop-up. But i barely stopped in front of this food mart when suddenly i got grabbed by a couple of men. I didn’t know who the hell they were. They were kinda troublesome and seemed to have a lot to prove as they were considered as the bad seeds. I didn’t want to hang around them. However they got me where i had to stick around them a little. They came off as just misunderstood. However… It didn’t turn out that way as they were also smoking. Smoking and had a dark secret all their own. Apparently… what was said… after it was all done… was that they were into taking pictures of young kids. X-rated porn-the illegal and sickening kind. But it never got that far. Not with me… All they did was encourage me to let loose and embrace my bad teen side. I didn’t. Even with they insist that i tried on smoking. I tried it. Only one time as it seemed like something teens with that James Dean personality would do. It was only one. Just one and i didn’t even finish it. I got away from there as fast as i could once i had a clear shot to make a run for it. I ran off and got onto my Motorcycle and Sped off. Thinking as though for every inch away on the road… was another few feet away from them. I made it to this city… about a week later… Been here in this city since that time. But… *Finishing the smoke* Been hooked on this habit since then. But i have been on the road for 4 years. Or Emancipated for 4 years and been here for a year. But till only recently… kept it low key and taught myself. Reading books and doing Math problems on my own. Feeding the brain knowledge as much as i could.With anything i could get my hands on.


Carly: You must have seen parts of the country by that time. Teaching yourself and then being free. You’re like… A Man all in yourself.


Johnny: Not really. All i really saw was the desert like plains of the country and the towns and cities that resided throughout. I only saw maybe a portion of the heartland. Not too much to say that i was able to see the country while on the road and cruisin’. I didn’t get that chance. Even though i wanted to. It would have been great. However… at that point in time… all i was focused on doing was just getting to someplace where i could attain a better life. Or a life that was free. Free away from my parents. *Thinking about something* Hey… That reminds me… You’re friends with that rich girl… Leslie. Aren’t you?


Carly: Yeah. So are you… aren’t you?


Johnny: Not really. I don’t really know much about her. Other than just what i was told about her. She seemed pretty cool for a rich girl who’s got the aura of someone who’s part of the Upper crust class. I actually like her. She’s not like most of the rich and privileged girls. She’s different. She is one of those who knows that they have money to burn and more but don’t really care that they have it. It’s just there. She doesn’t gloat or flaunt. She treats others around her with an equal playing field. Seeing them as people… like her. None better or worse than she. Just people.


Carly: You can see that all while not knowing that much about her?


Johnny: It’s the presence she gives out, Carly.


Carly: Hmm. You’re right.


Johnny: *Offering a light to Carly* Want a light?


Carly: *Weary* Not sure. I can’t get into that. My sister will detect that from me. As will the others.


But that was when Carly stopped to think it over… She believed that Johnny would be in need of help. So she made a deal or an arrangement that she would find out more than not… that it was one that she’d come to regret. But she believed that it was to help a friend break from the habit… if it were to be possible…"


(Message to ask)


Main Characters: Carly Rhapsody

Johnny/Joanne Barlow


Side Choosing Characters to Join: Aurora Grantham

Ben Angels

Brandon Mallory

Joanna M. Barlow RPER

[Open RP] (Till one or two people join. But primarily one) Johnny Barlow was originally Joanne Barlow. But had a rough patch in her/his life that seemed different than others. He emancipated from his/her parents and decided to be a lone wolf. It was not so easy for someone like him to do. but he left and became a boy. Or was on the path to being a boy. He came to Metropolis all the way from Long Beach, California. From there to Metropolis he made the transition of being a boy. He Rode the open road on a motorcycle and met a starving artist... Then down the road someways... he got met by a group of rough bikers who were also bad ass trouble makers and wound up hooked on Smoking.


By time he reached Metropolis... He was a loner and just a teen of his own being. Alone and with no friends. No one knew who he was or who'd he been prior. That was how he wished it as he knew that if anyone found out... He'd have to get out of the city.


The one factor he didn't consider was the love angle and actually falling in love with a girl. her name was Carly Athena Rhapsody... Twin sister to Sora Ashley Rhapsody. Together they were the ESP. Elemental Twins. (Hero-Wise). She took to him and fell in love with him also. Which made it even harder. She joined him in the habit and vowed to help him quit it. But all the while it had gotten her in some trouble with her sister and cousins. Plus friends. They didn't seem to understand what it was Johnny had been going through. No one seemed to have given the chance for there to be an opening. All they saw was outcast and it made Carly out to be about the only friend that he'd ever have. The others took to him but only because Carly was there. It was gonna be hard on him. As it was for Carly.


However while Carly was with her friends and going along with Leslie as Leslie was visiting her father in the hospital... Johnny had made a move which was gonna become his/her defining moment.


What Johnny/Joanna would return as... was anyone's guess.....


(E! True Hollywood Story about Johnny Barlow/Joanne Barlow)

"Johnny then leaned to the side a little and reached out into his side pocket. He didn’t want his secret out and didn’t want to do anything which could chase Carly off as he happened to feel something for her. He pulled out something that looked like a pack. It was a pack of smokes. A Pack of KΟΟL. Johnny Barlow was 14 and he had a secret about him that no one knew. He didn’t tell anyone about it as he was indeed embarrassed by the idea that it was something he had to live with. He was a Transgender.


Here is something that no one knew about Johnny Barlow. He was even though a rather nice guy. Outgoing… Sincere. Caring… But carefree and also a free spirit. He had this revelation about him that he could not tell anyone. In such a world… how could he? The Rhapsody new Generation lived in a world that people would judge one another and expect those around them to be a certain way in the public eye. That anything less was not accepted. Johnny Barlow was born a girl named Joanne Barlow. However all her life till recent believed herself to be a male. So procedures were done to see that Johnny would become a boy. It was a trying process as it took much out of him. But Johnny was none better as a guy. Growing male organs inside him and developing the Male reproductive organ. Johnny looked at Carly and smirked.


Johnny: I’m a transgender.


Carly: You’re what?


Johnny: I’m a transgender. I was born a girl but with the tendencies and personality of a male. I get little injections every few weeks of Androgen to help transform my insides into male organs.


Carly: *Pauses* Wh-whoa. That part… i didn’t know.


Johnny: No one knows. I prefer it that way.


Carly: *Feeling bad* I’m sorry.


Johnny: Don’t be. It’s not your fault. It’s just what is. That’s all.


Carly: Does it make you happy though?


Johnny: It’s a living. Besides… It could be alot more confusing. Like not knowing what gender you are. Not being able to decide what gender you’d like to be. Like you. What if you were born a guy. and you had the identity of being a girl… going in for injections of Estrogen so that you’d interchange into a girl. becoming a girl and for some reason… not know what Gender you’d like to be? What would you do?


Carly: *Shrugs* I don’t know.


Johnny: But you’d feel utterly confused due to it… wouldn’t you?


Carly: Yeah. I would.


Johnny: *Opening the pack of Kool and pulling out a smoke* This is just how my life is. It sucks at first, because there are all these things going on inside and i can’t figure if i am living a good honest life or whether if i’m living a lie.


Carly: *Curious* Why are you smoking?


Johnny: *Sighs; Looking away* Because i’m hooked.


Carly: Hooked? How did you get hooked on doing that?

Continued in (2)

Zienna RPER
Zienna Ross, more commonly known as Z, is a 18 year old girl with long turquoise colored hair and light purple colored eyes. she dresses is the pastel goth style though also ventures into a more punk style. she gets clothing inspirations from rock bands in japan.

Z gained the nickname Z from birth due to the fact she was experimented on which gave her the file name of Project Z. she was given Telekinetic abilities along with the ability to read people's minds along with the power of extreme persuasion to the point of being able to control others though depending on their will and tenacity the time it takes varies. 

Z is a brave young girl willing to risk her life to help others. She is extremely outgoing and easy to become friends with. though she tends to be a short fuse she rarely shows her temper. all in all she tends to behave like a tsundere.  

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Liana RPER

Shadow Demon
Able to shift into shadows and control

heh lets just say she had a very very bad life, she doesn't like to talk about it....unless she trusts you  a lot .  But I guess I can explain real quick.  Liana and her brother Liam were raised by their parents most of their life. A fire demon and a shadow demon raised by mortals. Liana couldn't control her shadow ability. Liam on the other hand was able to control his fire.  After Liana and Liam's parents died they separated and never came close again. Liam and Liana were lost in their own worlds. Liana trying to control her shadow side while Liam took on the luxury life.  They were brought back together later in life and Liam looked after Liana, he was protective of his sister. Liana learned to control her self but is still working on it. They never seprated again.heh lets just say she had a very very bad life, she doesn't like to talk about it....unless she trusts you alot. 

Liana:Image result for anime boy black hoodie, spray can, white hair

Image result for anime boy black hoodie, spray can, white hair( Dark shadow side)

Liam:Image result for anime boy red hair, red scarf

Image result for anime boy red hair,  fire( fire side of Liam)

Liana May 24
Amanda Prevatt RPER




File reads as:

Subject: Serebro Vladimir

Gender: Female

Age: 25

DOB: Unknown

Current Status: Alive, accesible via means of money and war. Current handlers are deceased leaving Omega to be wandering in the regions of Africa. Home to the Progenitor Virus. Second female subject to purposely expose ones self to the Virus but first to live. Has contact with Chris and others. 

Current mission statement:  To be obtained ALIVE. Failure not an option. Subject's impending evolution hinges upon survival and final exposure. 

Operating Agents on AOP: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Sheva Alomar, and few other BSAA operatives. Rogue operatives include Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, and US Government forces.

Subject was last seen in the vicinity of where Mine shafts once stood for Umbrella. Search and procure any evidence or the subject itself.

// ....File..Ended....

Serebro would only simply huff at such a sight. The very file that was active was now gone in an instant. Her way of covering tracks for certain individuals. Her procurement of Progenitor and survival of its binding is finished. The only thing left to do is survive or die. Her chores done as she had simply set out to delete traces. Traces which were leaked by an unfathomable being. His death a mere rouse that got her off guard. While her light hair swayed her little outfit of interesting suits would slightly make a muffled ting. Her weapon floating beside her. A heavy rifle and grenade launcher. Her suit enabling her active ability of telekinesis to remain amplified without further draining effects preserved her interest while enabling her to remain cooled off. Thus now the sun was in her face and the tent she stepped forth from simply stood. Her eyes of blue looking about until she heard a click of metal.... ((You may enter as the person who has hostage or person who saves. Your choice. More than one line please.))

tormentedsoul RPER
Character info:
Name: Haruhi
Title: tormented soul, goddess of light and darkness
Age: 1000 (but has the features of a five or fourteen-year-old)
Birth date: when the moon first appeared in the sky
Birth place: earth but place is unknown
currently living in: a cave
Species: shape-shifter
Race: goddess
Beliefs: to live and to stand her ground
Astrology sign: Lupin
Blood type: rare type

birth father: akuma god of darkness
birth mother: Theia goddess of light ((deceased killed by Akuma))
brother: Taro twin brother
sister: Da ji
adopted father: vlad bach

Physical feature

Height: 5ft1
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Frame/build: slime and curvy
Hair length: shoulder
Hair colour: brown in her human form. white in her wolf-girl form and black in her dark/demon form
((to be continued))


Race: Dragon-Human Hybrid

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Element: Lightning

Who he worships: Rizal, Goddess Of Wind

S/O: Straight


Kane is 6’3” tall. His weight is unknown. He looks completely human unless he lets his wings out. His wings are black and cyan color. He always wears his holy armor that was given to him from Rizal herself. He’s rather skinny but he’s very strong. Without his helmet, he has rather strange, glowing, blue eyes. His jaw is pointed. His hair is a black/dark blue.


Kane carries around a bow and a sword. Those were both given to him as well. They also are lightning based weapons. The bow shoots lightning and the sword just has an electrical effect after being firmly hit. When finishing off an enemy to kill it he will use “Smite”. Doing that he takes out his bow and aims start for the opponent's heart. Once he lets go, the lightning shoots straight through it. It causes the opponent to incinerate and to disappear forever. His main weakness would be fire mostly. Because water would only amplify his magic, the earth could possibly weaken it a small bit. But it’s completely ineffective against fire.



(Personality below)


He’s rather protective. He likes to bring people joy. He’ll help out however he can. He’s really friendly(A bit too friendly). He won't attack someone unless they are hostile to him. If he does something wrong he’ll try and find out how to fix whatever he did. He can be easily tricked into doing things he’s not supposed to(Because he wants to have people live happily. So he’ll do whatever they ask). There’s much, much more to him. But that will remain unknown. (You’ll have to find out yourself)


When Kane was a child, he was an orphan. He had no true home of his own. He had lived in an orphanage where he was cruelly beaten every day. If he didn’t listen he’d get thrown in what was called “The Room”. He had been in there for the most of a month straight. They had tossed him into the basement where he was all alone. He was luckily fed otherwise he’d have starved to death. Once he reached adulthood he was let go. He had no home of his own, he didn’t even know his family. He relocated and had started to grow sugarcane to make enough money to eat. This is why he’s extremely skinny. The goddess of wind Rizal had felt much sorrow for him. When he was asleep she had gone into his mind. She had his dream about her visiting him. She was wanting to help him, but he had to help her. Rizal was one of the weak goddesses. She offered him a deal. If Kane worshiped her, she’d help stop his sorrows and he could help others be joyful. He agreed to her terms. She smiled it touched his head causing him to wake up. He woke up and found he had some wings, He wasn’t where he normally slept, He was in some kind of temple, He was also wearing some kind of armor that cowed in the dimly lighted area. He slowly sat up, he felt the armor was extremely light. He stood up and looked around. He was questioning where he was and how he got there. He walked around gathering his bearings. He found a room with two weapons in them. There was also an armor stand if he wished to take his off. He slowly approached the weapons not knowing whose they were. He saw they glowed much like his armor. He took both them in hand and they glowed brighter. He assumed they were his at that point. He had walked outside finding what looked like a training area. He then decided to train his weapons. He was 18 at that time. It took him 13 years to master his weapons. He then set out to find more followers or make people happy. In the center of the temple, there’s a large blue crystal. It only glows unless there is someone nearby wanting to destroy or take it. Then it will become electrical and when the person is close enough it will shock them. That crystal is also the source of his magic energy.

(More below)

Lightning Elblem.png

This is the symbol of Rizal. It’s seen most places inside of the temple

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Adalee Ochira RPER
Name: Mada (Android 8S)

Race: Android

Likes: Mada likes destruction and causing trouble

Personality: disapproving, quiet, bitchy, care free

Dislikes: Everything but the other Androids and fashion

Clothing: Mada always wears a crop top, short shorts, a police hat, and black high heels

Bio: Mada was created the time 17 and 18 were. She was also shut down at the same time as 17 and 18. Despite the fact that Cell didn't need her he thought she would give him more power and make him beyond perfection.
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