Becoming a Bach Pure Blood

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    Vladimir Bach

    Becoming a Pure Blood vampire in the Bach family is the most absolute path one can take. There is no turning back, and there is no end. You must give up your mortal soul and live the life of immortality for an eternity. For the original, this wasn’t a choice, but for you this is your only chance to back out.

    Pure Blood Bach vampires must give up everything that identifies them as human, for no longer can they remain among them as one.

    Pure bloods have none of the typical weaknesses found in fledgling vampires. They are practically immune to the sun, other than minor sun burns if directly in the sun for to long.

    Pure bloods grow much stronger with age and are also able to remove more weaknesses with age

    Pure bloods have the abilities of telekinesis, telepathy, and compulsion. Some pure bloods even have their own unique abilities, but these are very rare.

    The process to becoming a pure blood without being born a pure blood is painful and requires a ritual where blood is drained from the individual and replaced with blood of the pure. The individual is then killed and when they rise, their blood is drained again and the process is repeated a hundred fold, or until the individual rises as a pure.

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