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    Honestly, life sucks. I try to fit in, and I try to make friends but it never works out. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I’ve been abused both physically and emotionally and I’ve learned to deal with it. This has caused me to shrink into such a small bunch that I am now diagnosed with 4.5/5 depression. All I’m trying to do is feel welcome.
    “It scares me to trust in people when the ones who promised will never leave go, and the ones who say they will always be there were never really there.” -Christina Bittar

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    • … *hug*

    • I kinda know how you feel. Well, when it comes to trying your hardest to make friends, but failing anyway. Ik how that feels completely. I had to go through elementary school with nobody to turn to except for teachers. People didnt like me that much, so when i got into middle school, the people from my elementary school, decided to spread rumors about me in middle school, this also caused me to have a hard time making friends. But once i hit high school, i got more friends! Ik you will get friends, you just havn’t found the right ones yet. There are some “friends” who only hang out with you to get dirt on you, or because they were dared to. Just keep trying! you can do it!