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I am just another RPer, nothing really special about me. Sorry, kind of bad at this. ^^;;


I like to people watch, sweets are good too.

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Anime, Action, Adult, Adventure, Cats, Cartoons, Circus, Comics, Dark, Fantasy, Futuristic, Fun, Magical, Romance, Supernatural, Science Fiction

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How long have you been a roleplayer?

about 10 years

Character Biography

Name: Chris

Species: Border-ling. (Born in the border between Heaven and Purgatory. They often confused as humans when on Earth.)

Occupation: Mystical Healer and Watcher (Basically someone who just watches over everything in the area they are in. They blend into society, and act only when necessary.)

Age: Don’t know, looks to be in his late teens or early twenties

Gender: Male

Backstory: He was born and raised in the boarder of Heaven and Purgatory. It not mattering on what his actual species is, he is classified as a border-ling. Though, he lives life Earth as a watcher. Traveling as a Mystical Healer as his living. He enjoys this way of blending in with human society, as well as some of the people he meets along the way. Due to a contract between God and the Borders ruler, he is not allowed to fight any on either side, unless it is to defend the humans he is watching. Or, if being directly attacked, the seal on his body must be broken, which changes his personality just a bit.

Appearance: He stands at about five feet eleven inches tall. His hair switches from a dirty blond, to a light brown, depending on how much sunlight he has been in. Though, both his eyes are green, one has yellow specs in it, and the other blue. He has a seal of a butterfly entangled in a chaos symbol over his heart.

Personality: A curios male with a sweet tooth for ice-cream pops. He is kind enough to heal anyone who needs it crossing his path. However, if he is asked to heal someone, he does expect to be paid. Only accepting cash, or even room and board, for his services. When the seal is broken, he tends to like to see if he can play ‘doctor.’ Seeing on if he can ‘fix’ what is ‘wrong’ with those that had broken it.

(Optional)Power(s): Butterfly magic

-Healing butterfly: Basically, your typical healing magic that heals wounds. (Fatal wounds are made nonfatal)

-Butterfly cure: Restores health to sickly people. Making them sleep for a day

-Butterfly shield: A swarm of butterflies that act like a barrier around him and those he is protecting. (Those with in a close distance to him.)

~unsealed form~

-Table straps: An entanglement the holds others form about thirty seconds to a minute. (Two or three posts)

– Doctors blades: An attack of two to six scalpels being thrown at his opponent at once. Each scalpel dealing a random amount of damage.

(Optional)Weapon(s): Has a few dozen scalpels hidden on his person.

(Optional)Vehicle: 2001 Mazda B2300 (red pickup)

(Optional)Curse(s): His sealed-up side.